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Membership of the MHWB Network helps organisations build a culture of Mental Health & Well Being through ongoing Support, Learning & Development.

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Yvette Dooley

Welcome to the MHWB Network. 

I myself have experienced the frustration of burn out along with the pain of anxiety and depression as a result of workplace stress. I fulfilled the duties of a role I was highly skilled for however, being left without adequate supervision for myself lead to consequences which proved to be costly to myself and the organisation I worked for.

Over twenty years of coaching and mentoring experience has left me with deep and relative knowledge of strategies which are highly effective and those which have proven to be ineffective. In addition, I have a clear vision of how to help leaders Build a Culture of Mental Health & Well Being (MHWB).

Our Build a Culture of MHWB programme will provide your organisation with an effective strategic model leading to achievement of the following outcomes: 

Staff Skilled in Self Care

Increased productivity of your team

Improved team morale

Sustainable long term impact

The MHWB Network adds value by leaving your representatives with the ability to provide ongoing, high quality in house mental health and well-being support for your whole team sustaining progress and effective management while minimising costs with measurable outcomes.



 Mental Health In the Workplace


Ross Ashcroft

Head of School

Gang Violence & Knife Crime


Vince Donovan

Safety Solutions Training

Vince Donovan.jpeg

Tony Kelly

Red Card Gambling Education Project

Tony Kelly.jpg

Achieving Extended SEND Practice


Emma Pinnock

Essential Education Group

Domestic Abuse & Trauma


Rachel Kami

Red Card Gambling Education Project


Gambling Addition & Youth

Autism & Anxiety: How do we support pupils?


Emma Griffiths

NW Autism & SEND

Emma Griffiths.jpg

The Neurodiversity Masterclass.


Jude Morrow

About Neurodiversity Training International.

Reducing Suicide


Mary Anne Crook

ASIST - Suicide Intervention Training


Service Manager

Place 2 Be

I've gained lots of ideas to incorporate into my own supervision and training practice. I found the conference to be immensely useful, getting to know other organisations and their work, particularly around referral routines. 

Networking Conference



The Sixth Form College Solihull

The conference introduced me to strategies, ideas and the chance to network with other professionals. I found sharing good  practice to be useful.

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