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mmemoe is a mobile Web app that helps people develop the habits of highly effective people. Teachers, principals, managers, nurses, interns, currency traders, executives, students, anyone seeking to improve, can now hold a personal coach in the palm of their hand.


Developed in Australia and deployed worldwide, mmemoe is used across education, health and other industry sectors. mmemoe transforms professional and personal learning by putting the management of that learning in the hands of the learner.


Evoke Education - Moe the Monkey

Evoke Education has developed in the education sector over 20 years and is proactive in supplying new technologies.

Working with mental health and well being, safeguarding practitioners and the police, Evoke Education technology can be used to make vulnerable children feel comfortable and safe in difficult situations. Characters can work to help children open up in situations where an adult may seem too intimidating. Practitioners bring characters to life with expressive language, gestures and body language to create a truly interactive and magical experience for children.

Evoke Education

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Red Card is an organisation dedicated to promoting gambling awareness and education, and firmly believe in early intervention to help reduce gambling harm for all, but particularly children and young adults.


Red Card deliver educational workshops on all aspects of problem gambling, including the links between gambling addiction and domestic abuse, something that is not highlighted enough.

Red Card

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Mental Health & Life

Mental health and life delivers online, in-house and classroom based training for a range of mental health first aid courses.

Mental Health and Life use all profits to deliver mental health courses to underserved parts of the community in the UK

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The Essential Education Group

The Essential Education Group is a collective of support for schools, organisations and families who are supporting and living with special educational needs.


The Essential Education Group delivers a range of services which include training, consultancy and assessments, which are all geared towards supporting the Neurodiverse individual directly or through those who support them.

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Safety Solutions Training LTD

Safety Solutions Training Limited was established to meet the increasing needs in health and safety and social care training programs.

Working closely with our clients, Safety Solutions aim to develop and deliver appropriate cost effective training solutions to meet organisational objectives and staff development needs.

Working Mums Logo.png

Working Mums was founded in 2006 to bridge the gap between those employers who were able to offer flexible working, whether that was full-time work with flexi hours or some homeworking or part-time work or any other form of flexible working, and parents who were seeking flexible positions. Since then it has grown into a dynamic jobs, advice and news site with a focus on best practice.

For the large range of employers it works with, it shares best practice on everything from flexible working, mental well being and diversity and inclusion to returners through white papers, roundtables, its annual awards and best practice reports as well as providing relevant HR news and access to experienced candidates.


For parents, it provides practical information and support, from legal to careers advice, policy updates, information on campaigns related to flexible working and regularly updated flexible jobs. For more information, contact


NW Autism & SEND

This company firmly believes in sharing and supporting children with autism and special needs to achieve their potential. The director and lead Consultant is Emma Griffiths, a specialist SEND teacher of 17 years specialising in children on the autistic spectrum. Emma also works for the National Autism Society as a moderator assessing schools for Autism Accreditation in different settings.

Emma has spoken at both Autism Shows in both Manchester and Birmingham around sensory issues, restricted eating and autism in June 2019 and is really gaining momentum as a leading trainer for both families and professionals in the field of Autism.


Emma is speaking at the upcoming TES SEND show in London January 2021, Emma delivers training worldwide to schools and settings in mental health and autism and balances working with families and children of autism.


ASIST Training

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is the world's most extensively used, evidence based, evaluated training programme for intervening to prevent suicide.This training is suitable for all adults, most particularly those working in health and social care, mental health, emergency services, pastoral care, voluntary agencies or any service supporting people at times of difficulty. 


Suicide is common, yet taboo and much misunderstood. Most deaths are preventable. Anyone can make a difference.

Mary Anne’s background is in Public Health and her training partner Marion Willers is a Samaritans deputy branch director.

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Child Behaviour Direct

Neurodiversity Training International is a CPD Member Training Company providing real autism training that has been compiled with the thoughts and feelings of the autistic community to show the world what we wish people knew about us. Neurodiversity Training International is a transformative Education Movement that started back in 2019 by autistic social worker, advocate and speaker Jude Morrow. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact.
What started as a local project, quickly grew to encompass members from across the world. Where NTI differs from the usual "autism awareness training", is that we promote acceptance and a strengths based approach. Autism awareness training tends to be a collection of outdated notions and stereotypes such as; lack of eye contact, struggling to make friends, lacking empathy and so on.  The truth is, we are so much more than that. Autistic people are the most talented and gifted individuals that mankind has to offer. We are just different, not less. With our teaching centered on Tim Goldstein's revolutionary Neurocloud, we explain how all individuals can exist in perfect harmony within the Neurocloud - not the classic "us and them" scenario. 

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Child Behaviour Direct

Child Behaviour Direct was founded on a passion for childcare and family wellbeing. Our mission is to help liberate parents to hand over the keys they need in order to positively impact their family’s lives for generations to come. We love nothing more than seeing children grow to their full potential and guiding them on their way to a healthy adult life.


Child Behaviour Direct has been formed with more than 35 years of childcare experience. Our unique approach has impacted countless families across the UK and internationally.

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