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Unlock the potential of your staff with our done for you comprehensive "School Mental Health and Well-being" workshop. In just 1 hour and 30 minutes, empower your team with practical skills to identify and respond to mental health concerns among children and young people.


This download inlcudes:

  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Trainer Handbook
  • Handout - Recognising Mental Health Struggles in Children & Young People


This workshop is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for staff to gain hands-on experience. With a structured approach, participants are guided through scenario-based learning, allowing them to immerse themselves in realistic situations commonly encountered in school settings.


Here's what you can expect:

  • Introduction: Set the stage with an overview of workshop objectives and the scenario-based learning approach.
  • Scenario Setup: Dive into the simulated school environment and understand the importance of recognising signs of mental health issues.
  • Scenario Exploration: Engage in role-playing exercises to analyse, intervene, and communicate effectively in scenarios such as a student in distress or experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Self-care Practices: Equip staff with strategies to navigate work-related stressors and prioritise their well-being.


With facilitation tips and interactive activities, our workshop ensures active participation and meaningful insights. By the end, your team will feel confident in their ability to support student well-being and foster a positive school culture.

Done for You: Staff Workshop: School Mental Health and Well-being Workshop

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