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Internal Quality Assurance

This policy applies to all who represent the MHWB Network, including the director, employees, sub contracted staff and volunteers, who are involved in the provision of MHWB Network training. Additionally, the policy applies to all learners and customers of the MHWB Network who receive training services.

IQA Policy

The MHWB Network strives to ensure a high level of quality in the delivery and evaluation of training. To this end, the MHWB Network performs internal quality assurance and collaborates with awarding organisations or other regulatory bodies to guarantee that customers continue to receive a high-quality learning experience.


Reviewing Procedures

This policy will be reviewed by the MHWB Network on an annual basis. Additionally, as and when necessary, this policy will be updated in response to learner, and client reviews and evaluation responses in addition to guidelines and practice recommendations made by awarding organisations or other regulatory bodies.


Accessing the Policy

All learners, employees and representatives have access to this policy.

During their initial training period, every trainer who manages, delivers, assesses, or ensures the quality of a qualification offered by the MHWB Network must be made aware of this policy. This policy shall be explained to students pursuing MHWB Network courses and qualifications during the induction process.

All relevant individuals will be notified of updates to the policy and required to re-read it as necessary.

Policy Proclamation

Monitoring the learner's journey while they work towards completing training with the MHWB Network is the focus of internal quality assurance (IQA). 

Effectiveness and quality of the delivery of any training in addition to learner outcomes is measured by internal quality assurance. 



Internal Quality Assurance Principles

The following internal quality assurance principles must be followed: 

  • Ensuring that monitoring standardisation activities are carried out

  • that assessment decisions embrace inclusion

  • that equality is promoted with learners

  • and that all staff members value the diversity of learners 

  • Ensure that trainers are motivated and that regular, open communication occurs 

  • Ensure that all representatives have access to training and CPD.

Maintaining risk assessment procedures and other health and safety standards are additional principles. 


MHWB Network will provide training teams with standardised resources to ensure a consistent product for learners as well as updates and recommendations for further reading. Additionally, the MHWB Network anticipates that the training team will maintain their Continuous Professional Development and will be subject to qualification renewal in accordance with the relevant requirements. Furthermore, the training team will be subject to quality monitoring on an annual basis. Finally, Nuco Training will provide training staff for accredited courses with standardised delivery and assessment resources.

Nuco Training will provide Trainers for Accredited Courses with precise and up-to-date information from the appropriate Regulatory and Protocol Setting Bodies within a short period of time. These Bodies include, but are not limited to, the FAA and others.

Yearly Quality Monitoring

The annual quality monitoring process involves a course-based review of a trainer's use of paperwork by a quality monitor. Prompt, accurate, and constructive verbal feedback will be provided to trainers and assessors on the day, followed by written feedback. Trainers who are not monitored on an annual basis are not allowed to deliver a session until they are.

Concerns Regarding Training

Questions or concerns in relation to the delivery of training, can be raised using a variety of avenues including, evaluation forms, reviews, website, email, telephone, text message. The MHWB Network are committed to providing the best experience for clients and learners by swiftly responding to feedback. 

In the event of a concern raised about a trainer, measures shall be taken to safeguard the learner experience. Depending on the nature of the concern, the following steps may be taken:

1. If the concern is minor, a discussion shall be held with the trainer and a plan of action shall be established with a specified timeline. If the plan is not met, additional steps may be implemented.

2. In the event of a minor concern with delivery, an experienced trainer shall be assigned with a plan of action to assist the trainer in developing their delivery abilities.

3. If the minor concern is related to a tutor's topic knowledge, an action plan shall be implemented to carry out Continuous Professional Development or to re-take the qualification during the period in which the trainer is unable to provide the topic.

4. Upon completion of the Continuous Professional Development, the trainer shall be subject to quality monitoring to ensure that the knowledge is being effectively applied.

5. In the event of a significant concern regarding a tutor's topic knowledge, the tutor will be permanently removed from delivering the topic. Similarly, if there is a significant concern regarding the tutor's delivery methods and student interactions, the tutor will also be permanently removed. Furthermore, if the concern is related to accredited courses, the MHWB Network reserves the right to communicate the outcome of the concern to Nuco Training. Furthermore, in the event of a concern related to an accredited course, Nuco Training reserves the right to request that MHWB Network remove the trainer from delivering all or part of their qualifications in accordance with the internal quality assurance policy.


All documents pertaining to internal quality assurance activities will be kept confidential and securely in accordance with data protection laws. All pertinent awarding organizations will have access to all assessment documents and related materials.

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