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Renewal Of the Mind

I will help you to go from stressed & lacking direction to EMPOWERED & FOCUSED!


Do you remember when it felt great to wake up in the morning?
Do you remember what it felt having stacks of energy and brimming with new innovative ideas when going to work or enjoying family?
Sometimes circumstances beyond our control impact on our mental health and well-being, leaving us feeling fed up, constantly worn out, disengaged and lost, in an unfamiliar loop we can’t seem to get out of.


Resilience provides you with the strength to deal with adversity. When you are faced with the hardships and stresses of life, resilience provides you with a reservoir of skills and strengths to carry you through the situation and bounce back quicker and stronger.


I have helped many individuals avoid burnout and helped others find their way out so I love the structure of this programme because I know it works.



Yvette is truly an inspiration to me and many others. Once you find someone that thinks on your wavelength, offers value to your own thoughts and can stretch, enhance and open your mind, you truly have found someone remarkable. Having taken part in a webinar I felt that the content, speakers and atmosphere was outstanding. The depth of understanding, warmth and knowledge from all involved left me just wanting more. Mental health and well-being are not just an add-on to work and life! They are a fundamental necessity for all. If for one minute you value your own, your colleagues or your employees MHWB, then take note of this remarkable lady and the network she stands for. Forever grateful! Mark

Mark - Deputy HeadTeacher

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Through my Renewal Of the Mind programme, I will help you to go from stressed & lacking direction to EMPOWERED & FOCUSED!

Building Resilience helps us to learn how to adjust and adapt when facing adversity. While learning to cope with adversities, we learn how to pivot in a way that ultimately helps us become more flexible. This then becomes a skill that can be applied to future scenarios helping us to navigate hardships in a way that allows us to recover and move forward with relative speed and ease. It is this pattern and ability to operate resiliently which builds confidence and self-esteem.

My Renewal Of the Mind Programme will enable you to see the skills and knowledge which supported you in overcoming challenges and develop a positive view of yourself and confidence in your own strength and abilities. 

I met Yvette through an online event about Gambling Harm and Mental health & Wellbeing is a big part of any recovery from addiction. Yvette is very passionate when helping others and adds value, inspiration and confidence when working with her.

Mark Pickering