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Mental Health Training

Building a culture of Mental Health
& Well Being

A range of mental health courses to empower employers, supervisors and staff to confidently and safely approach early conversations with colleagues showing signs of poor mental health.

Mental Health & Well Being Workshops for Senior Leaders

Restoration Coaching

Mental Health Awareness

Workplace Well Being Champion Training



Mental Health & Well Being Workshop for Senior Leaders
Half Day

Some of the topics covered in the workshop:


  • Why it is so important to take care of your mental health at work.

  • The role and responsibilities of a manager when it comes to mental health at work.

  • A manager's role in making a positive change to mental health at work by using their power.

  • Common signs of poor mental health and the symptoms that go along with them to look out for in the workplace.

  • How to support a member of staff who is having a mental health crisis and where to send them.

  • What to say and what not to say when talking to someone with bad mental health.

  • How to build a culture of mental health & wellbeing. 

  • Laws about mental health at work and rules about taking time off.

  • Myths and facts about mental health and time away from work


70  million working days were lost due to work related stress, anxiety or depression during 2020/2021. Through the MHWB Network discover effective strategies maximising success by improving the mental health culture of your workplace.


Restoration Coaching

Restoration Coaching works to provide a safe place to explore and move through challenges towards a desired outcome for each client and is established through initial assessment. Results of each assessment are used to build a bespoke curriculum, specifically tailored to supportively guide clients through identified challenges enabling them to reach desired outcomes.


Restoration Coaching helps individuals to bounce back from challenges impacting on daily life.

Returning to work following a long- or short-term absence

-  Returning to and managing work following grief or loss

-  Working through periods of stress

-  Working life after a career break

-  Restabilising self-employment

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Well Being Champion

Mental health champions are employees who take action to increase awareness of mental health issues among colleagues and to battle mental health stigma in their workplace.

This role is not intended to replace professional counselling or therapy, but rather is one of many initiatives organisations can implement to keep workplace mental health on the agenda and to foster an open environment in which employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health concerns with their colleagues.

Changing mindsets is the goal of champions. As a result, they serve as springboards for discussions about mental health and build a culture of mental health and well being.

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