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Restoration Coaching

Navigate life's challenges

Restoration Coaching helps individuals to bounce back from challenges impacting on daily life.

Returning to work following a long or short-term absence


Returning to and managing work following grief or loss


Working through periods of stress


Working life after a career break


Restablishing self-employment


Yvette Dooley
Restoration Coach

Yvette has over twenty years of coaching and mentoring experience which has left her with deep and relative knowledge of strategies which are highly effective in promoting well-being.

Yvette has a clear vision of how to help leaders Build a Culture of Mental Health & Well Being (MHWB) and a passion for ensuring that people progress and achieve, consistently drawing on emotional intelligence to creatively break down barriers and unleash potential.


People have different starting points in life; through her work  Yvette supports people on their journeys to achieving best outcomes. When working with individuals, she believes it is important for expectations to match potential rather than circumstance. Yvette focuses  on providing a service everyone can access.


Coaching Packages

  • Restoration Coaching Programme *Begins 3rd February

    960 British pounds
  • 8 Weeks - From stressed & lacking direction to EMPOWERED & FOCUSED!

    680 British pounds
  • 90 Days - From stressed & lacking direction to EMPOWERED & FOCUSED!

    1,080 British pounds
  • Productivity Coaching Programme

    720 British pounds

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