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Yvette is a qualified trainer and restoration coach with over twenty years of experience in wellbeing.


She has a passion for ensuring that individuals progress and achieve, consistently drawing on emotional intelligence to creatively break down barriers and unleash potential. People have different starting points in life; through her work Yvette supports people on their journeys to achieving their best outcomes and believes that expectations should match potential rather than circumstance.


Throughout her career Yvette has embraced opportunities to support and teach teams, professionals, children, young people and families working towards desired outcomes in relation to mental health and wellbeing. Throughout this pastoral care journey, she has gained experience in sensitively supporting children who are looked after, individuals with SEND, victims of CSE and young people who have become survivors of long-term historic abuse. In addition, she continues to support families dealing with the impact of separation, mental health, incarceration, terminal illness, bereavement, substance misuse and homelessness.

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